Sometimes text marketing isn’t just about revenue.  It’s about peace of mind during unexpected last minute changes.

HS Salon – Orange County Text Marketing

Client:  Kim is an independent stylist who leases a chair at HS Salon in Orange County.  Her cut, color and customer service skills have earned her a 95% booking rate.  For those of us who don’t know what that means… let’s just say she’s is almost always booked so traditional marketing for new customer acquisition isn’t a need.

Challenge:  As an independent stylist, any unbooked time slots mean a direct loss in revenue.  While her schedule is almost always packed, life happens and customers may cancel with little notice.  Before Sire this meant one less sale for the day.  “Just one or two cancellations per week can really add up when it comes to my bottom line.

Results:  “Sire allows me to quickly shoot a text to my list of clients letting them know there’s a last minute appointment available.  I used to do this directly on my personal phone but was always uncomfortable with giving everyone my personal cell number.

Favorite Template:  Promo

More bookings means more money in the bank…. And peace of mind knowing she doesn’t need to share her personal cell number with the world.