Client:  Oki Doki is a Japanese restaurant specializing in high quality sushi and hand pulled udon noodles made fresh, in-house daily.  The owner is a traditionally trained and highly experienced sushi chef who has made mastering the art of fine sushi his life’s passion.

Challenge:  He’s mastered his menu and is an expert in Japanese cuisine but, like most restaurant owners, rarely can afford the time or know-how for marketing.  When we first met, his biggest concerns were his inexperience in restaurant text marketing, budget concerns, limited tech background and a language barrier.

Results: He started using Sire in January and, by May, was experiencing a 40% increase in business.  “The thing I love about Sire is that it’s so easy to use that a sushi chef like me had no problem figuring it out.  The price was so low that it pays itself off it the first SMS blast of the month.

Favorite Template:  Coupon & Promo

If a busy, non-technical sushi chef with a language barrier can do this, so can you.  Sire is designed to be easy enough for anyone to learn and affordable enough that even the smallest restaurants can use it.