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Amazing Marketing Tools, Tips & Tricks for building your SMS marketing lists

Here are some of the things that we like to use as marketers -- because they help us do our jobs better, quicker, stronger, faster. We hope you can take away a few gems to implement in your efforts -- and if you have ideas that work well for you share some of them with your fellow Sire users via our social links

1. Tell Everyone You Know

Leverage your existing contacts to build your SMS list. Tell your friends about your opt-in gift and share a link to your squeeze page with your social media audiences. Email your existing contacts and let them know about the new exclusive SMS perks you are offering.

2. Optimize Your Website
Become a Lead Capturing Machine

Publish Your Subscribe Option (Call to Action) on Every Page of Your Website. Make sure your call to acion is placed in a prominent spot on your site - above the fold is best. Sire will help you to capture, store and manage SMS subscribers. Your users can either send a keyword to join your list(s) or they can sign up via a form and that will trigger a confirmation via an API call. The more people that see your call to action, the more will use it.

Track the clicks you get with Google Analytics or short links to measure the effectiveness of your efforts.

3. Give your List a Cool Name
Example: “Awesome News and Updates”

Try as hard as you can to make every message you send as awesome as possible.

4. Offer an Awesome Free Gift to Subscribers

Offer an Awesome Free Gift to Subscribers. Coupons, One Time discounts, Buy one Get One. It is worth your time to create two or more lead magnets and find out which work best for you. Different offers attract different people.

5. Create a Compelling Sign up Option

Be sure to include a compelling graphic of the free gift or other perks you are offering.

6. Give People Multiple Reasons to Sign Up

It's hard to fit all of the reasons why someone should sign up to your SMS list into a sidebar form. One way that you can better convince people to sign up is by creating a 10 Reasons why "You Should Join my SMS List" page and linking to it under this form. Naturally the page featuring these 10 reasons to join your list should have a sign-up call to action as well.

7. Use Squeeze Landing Pages

An effective landing page (squeeze page) has a much better rate of success for capturing new leads than any other form placement. The idea behind an effective squeeze page is to maximize conversions with a single call to action.

Track the clicks you get with Google Analytics or short links to measure the effectiveness of your efforts to drive traffice to your squeeze page.

8. Leverage the Power of Social Media

Using social media on an ongoing basis has helped many customers add thousands of people to their SMS lists, and build some amazing relationships in the process. Facebook and Twitter are obvious examples but don't stop there. Try Pinterest and others too.

Track the clicks you get with Google Analytics or short links to measure the effectiveness of your efforts.

9. Article Marketing

Article marketing is a way to spread your content across the web and get plenty of links back to your website in the process. The links and traffic you get from article marketing can help build your list and boost your Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

10. Generate Leads with Pay Per Click

Although pay per click is not free it becomes free as soon as you know your numbers. Let’s say that every lead that signs up earns you an average of $1 over the next year. This means that if you can use PPC to get a lead for less than $1 you will be getting that lead for free, and earning profit on the margin between your cost and income.

Track the clicks you get with Google Analytics or short links to measure the effectiveness of your efforts.

11. YouTube Video Optimization
Use annotations with a call to action

Annotations are those little text boxes that you have probably seen on top of YouTube videos before. Annotations take only a few moments to publish but if you include them they can send a steady amount of traffic to your site over time, especially if your video starts to gain serious traction!


Studies show that reading while watching increases retention by as much as 38%. If you use a verbal call to action for engagement combined with a written call to action via an annotation this should amp up your response.

Include a hyperlink in your video description.

Include a link to one of your your squeeze pages in the first line of your video description. Another tactic to get more people on your list with your videos is to watermark your videos with a URL of your squeeze page. You can insert an an intro and outro slide with a call to action for people to visit your squeeze page and join your list.

Track the clicks you get with Google Analytics or short links to measure the effectiveness of your efforts.

12. Alternate Video Distribution

Although YouTube is by far the biggest video website on the net, and even nets more traffic than some days, you can still pick up a significant amount of traffic from other video sites and this can lead to many new opt-ins over time. One way to distribute your videos is using the video syndication service

13. Offline Marketing (Business Cards)

Promotional business cards are a great way to build your business and your brand. Be different: don’t just create a boring ordinary card like everyone else. Use curiosity and a call to action.

14. Display your Keywords and Sign Up Link
  • Stickers
  • Table Tents
  • Banners
  • Windows
  • Checkout
  • Menus and more...

Display a kewwords and links to your list everywhere you possibly can. Although simple, this strategy is incredibly powerful if you put it into action you can start to spread your name far and wide and influence the masses.

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15. Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is a great way to tap into larger audiences than your own and build your personal brand and your email list simultaneously. When you publish a guest post for another blog they give you a signature line at the end where you can link back to your website. The optimal way to use this link is not to link to your main page, but to an optimized squeeze page within your website, so that you capture the maximum amount of subscribers.

16. Install a Sign up Form into Your Facebook Page

An awesome free Facebook iframe app host called a Woobox to add sign up forms to your Facebook page. This form can brings you opt-ins over time, depending on how active you are on your Facebook page.

Track the clicks you get with Google Analytics or short links to measure the effectiveness of your efforts.

17. Leave Insightful Comments

Go above and beyond with the comments you leave on blogs. Include your blog name within your name field, in addition to your name. For example: Your Name from instead of just Your Name.

18. Encourage Word of Mouth Marketing

In your welcome SMS that automatically deploys when someone signs up to your list encourage your new subscribers to tell their friends. Once new subscribers reply confirm to join your list you can send them thank you message that encourages them to spread the word about your offerings.

19. Build Multiple Lists

For examples you can have a general list, a Twitter focused list, and a Facebook list. Have multiple opt-in offers. Tell each list about the other lists and gain people who are subscribed to more than one of your lists. This way you can focus the messages you send and create deeper relationships with the leads on your lists.

20. Keep Sign up Form Fields to a Minimum

The fewer fields you have in your sign up form the more people will sign up. Some marketers try to get more than just a name and an SMS phone number from their subscribers so they can personalize messages, but you can start by just asking for just an mobile phone number because that way you can grow your list faster. The more fields you try to capture up front, the more your conversion rate will seriously suffer. Future messages can be setup to ask for more personalization

21. Use the 80/20 Rule for Your Content vs Sales

It’s okay to include the occasional pitch or product recommendation into your messages but stay focused on providing awesome content first. A good rule to use is to be at most 20% pitch and 80% content, and the more quality content you give your subscribers, the better.

If your messages are a constant stream of sales pitches then you will have a hard time building your list because so many people will be leaving it. Conversely, if your messages are action packed full of awesome your subscribers will tell their friends and your list will organically spread by word of mouth.

22. Give Exclusive Content to Subscribers

Make your subscribers feel special by giving them special subscriber only content. Provide useful alerts and reminders or provide enhanced access and privileges and are just two ways to create the rapport with your subscribers that will get them to tell their friends about you, and keep them from unsubscribing.

23. Social Sharing Plugins

Install Facebook like buttons, Twitter tweet buttons, and any other buttons that are relevant to your opt-in offer directly on your squeeze page.

24. Create Epic Message Content

Epic content is the only kind of message content you should focus on creating. Use Sire templates for ideas on where to start.

Deliver awesome every time you hit the send button. Make Your Content So Awesome People Share it with others

25. Run a Contest

Give away a product or service for free and make it for SMS list subscribers only so new people feel compelled to subscribe.

26. Integrate Testimonials into Your Calls to Action
  • Keyword Display Ads
  • Sign Up Forms

This tactic will re-assure the people who are hesitant. If someone else endorses you then your messsages must be worthwhile. The more influential the person who gives the testimonial is, the better.

27. Craigslist

Craigslist is one of the top 50 websites in the world, and consequently has millions of advocates who spend plenty of time on the site. Place ads on Craigslist and there is a good chance you will get some response from it. Track the clicks you get with Google Analytics or short links to measure the effectiveness of your efforts.

28. The Thesaurus

Ridiculous? Maybe. But holy cow do content writers use this a lot. If you aren't leveraging it, get on it! Use this so your message vocabulary doesn't get stale (let's not call everything , "great," am I right?) and consumers want to keep subscribed toyour lists. Bookmark a Thesaurus on your toolbar for easier brainstorming, and more variety in your vocabulary!

29. Email Signature

Include a link to your squeeze page or a Keyword call to action in your email signature.


Joe User
Text the Keyword Welcome to 39492
30. Post Your SMS Offers on Your Blog

If you post your SMS Offers on your blog this enables you to pick up extra traffic from people who find your blog in Google. Make sure to add as many relevant “tags” to your posts to help your content rank.

31. Leverage Linkedin

Include a link to your list from your profile. Mention that you are a publisher of exclusive SMS in your description and reference your list as many times as possible in your profile.