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Enterprise Application Integration

Enterprise application integration is a business need to make diverse applications in an enterprise, including partner systems, communicate to each other to achieve a business objective in a seamless reliable fashion irrespective of platform and geographical location of these applications. Sire EAI comprises differing components to support message acceptance, transformation, translation, routing, message delivery and business process management. Sire provides both self service tools for the Small and Medium Business (SMB), as well as Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) for more complex messaging services.

How can Sire be integrated into your Application?

Data Transfer Mechanisms

  • SFTP
  • HTTP/HTTPS - via form or Event variables
  • HTTP/HTTPS - via direct XML
  • Direct SQL - mySQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle
  • Email
  • SMPP
  • XMPP - Chat
  • Direct VPN Tunnel
  • Dial up to secure server
  • DAT/CD/media via courier
  • FAX


Sire personel can help you re-use and repurpose existing data transfer assets to save time and reduce IT costs.

enterprise sire
enterprise sire

Intelligent Rules Engine

Via homogeneous analysis of business structure and processes

  • Complex Event Processing
  • Rules Applied based on CDFs
  • Rules Applied based on External Data
  • Rules Applied based on Customer Preference
  • Optimization
  • Classification
  • Pre-Processing
  • Dynamically applied based on messaging interactions
  • Post-Processing

Best of Breed Tools and Support for Messaging

Fulfillment - Your customers could be anywhere, be where your customers are.

  • Real Time
  • Tools to Caputure and act on your customer’s channel preference.
  • Escalations
  • Seamless approache to messaging guides potential customers towards engagement.
enterprise sire
enterprise sire

Reporting and Analytics

Results - Your customers could be anywhere, be where your customers are.

  • Consumers can now respond in multiple ways to any given campaign, and you'll want to make sure those responses can be captured and measured appropriately.
  • Request more information to be sent on an alternate channel. Terms of use, brochures, policies and more.
  • Escalations
  • Sire Automation Initiation
  • Consumer Initiated

Communication events are triggered throughout the customer lifecycle