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Prevent bad Yelp reviews

Nobody’s perfect and mistakes will happen in your restaurant. When a customer has an unsatisfactory experience, they often feel the need to vent. They don’t specifically need turn to Yelp, they just need to feel like someone is listening. Our Customer Feedback campaigns provide a buffer for customers to communicate with you to reduce the likelihood of going to a public forum like Yelp.

More customers during slow times

One of our clients once shared, “the lunch and dinner rush isn’t our problem. It’s when I have 8 servers standing around doing nothing between 2-5:30 pm. That’s the problem.” Between fluctuating food costs and high overhead, you need an edge to earn more profits. Create flash deals and happy hour promotions to draw customers in the door during the slow hours of the day.

Increase table turnover

Aside from food cost, table or seat turnover ratio is often considered one of the most important metrics for a restuarants success. This ratio is simply the number of times a table is filled in your restaurant during a particular meal period or time. This ratio has a direct correlation to your revenue. SMS marketing is a cost effective way for you to achieve a higher table turnover rate for each meal service.

Build loyalty

No matter how good your food and service, the truth is your customers have options. With so many competing dining establishments in your local neighborhood, it’s easy for you to get lost in the shuffle. Loyalty programs are a time tested way to keep customers coming back. SMS loyalty campaigns do the same without the hefty cost and headache of dealing with POS software integration, printing costs and physical loyalty cards.

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Featured Restaurant - Oki Doki

If a busy sushi chef can do this, so can you. Sire is designed to be easy enough for anyone to learn and affordable enough that even the smallest restaurants can use it.

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