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USA - Carrier Reach List

In the United States, Sire has connectivity with the optimized gateways each operator reserves solely for application-to-person (A2P) message traffic. This should not be confused with services offering access to interoperator gateways used for peer-to-peer messaging—the sending of A2P traffic on those connections is strictly against market regulations in the United States.

Sire SMS Solution

Whether you're sending transactional or marketing SMS, the Sire solution is built upon solid SMS infrastructure, providing you with the industry’s best reliability, scalability, and SMS deliverability. Easily integrate with Sire’s cloud-based SMS infrastructure, eliminating the need to build, scale and maintain these systems in-house, allowing you to focus on growing your business. Sire SMS Solution provides tools that help you maintain compliance with CTIA and TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991) most recent guidelines.

One Platform, One Plan

Our industry-leading features are available through both our transactional and marketing solutions—just purchase one plan and start sending.




the informal exchange of ideas by words.
"the two people were deep in conversation"
synonyms: discussion, talk, chat, gossip, tête-à-tête, heart-to-heart, exchange, dialogue;
  • an instance of this.

    "she used her phone to have a conversation about her order using SMS"

Start a conversation with your customers

Session Based Interactive SMS

Sire assists you with easy to customize design templates that create the campaigns that will delight your customers.

Achieve the impressive response and conversion rates mobile marketing is known for with Sire’s highly personalized template picker for simple to complex tasks, and everything in between:

Our team will help you get started, faster.

Expert-customized templates available. We can build customized templates to suit your business needs. Then, just add your message, and hit send.

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Incredibly Scalable Infrastructure

Whether you’re sending 100 SMS one time or millions of SMS per day, Sire’s SMS delivery infrastructure can scale to meet your demands. Our delivery infrastructure can easily scale up or down with your business ensuring that your transactional and marketing SMS are delivered. Sire also saves you time and money by eliminating the need for you to build and maintain your own infrastructure.

List Building and Contact Management

Sire will help you to capture, store and manage SMS subscribers. Your users can either send a keyword to join your list(s) or they can sign up via a form and that will trigger a confirmation via an API call. Make sure your call to action is placed in a prominent spot on your site - above the fold is best. The more people that see your call to action, the more will use it.

31 Tips and Tricks for Building Your Own SMS Marketing List

Transactional SMS and the Customer Lifecycle

Marketers and designers typically focus the majority of their efforts on optimizing their newsletters and promotional messages. The primary goals of these communications are usually new sales, leads, and conversions. However, there is a missed opportunity in engaging and retaining users with order confirmation SMS messages.

It typically costs between six and seven times more to acquire a new customer than to retain existing customers. In addition, repeat customers tend to purchase as much as 67% more than new customers.

Many businesses are leaving money on the table by neglecting current customers in favor of creating new businesses. Consider shifting some of your focus to moving customers from the first purchase to repeat purchases and brand loyalty.

While it’s still crucial to send and optimize promotional messages aimed at gaining new customers, take a look at what happens after a purchase is made. What do your after order messages look like? Confirmation? Tracking Numbers? What type of information do they include?

Learn more about the Customer Lifecycle